Kids today are growing up surrounded by technology. It is considered the #1 most convenient form of communicating to date, whether being used as a cell phone, iPad, or laptop. That makes touch typing a valuable tool and skill to obtain at any age. Children, students, and adults all benefit from learning touch typing. Touch typing is a form of typing that uses all ten of your fingers without looking. It is the quickest way to type, saving valuable time as well as considered much easier to use by those who choose to learn it.

Although you can learn touch typing at any age, we recommend starting as a child when you are more adaptable to learn and don’t already have bad habits that need breaking. It’s difficult for adults to learn when they need to break routine they’ve had for the majority of their life, but if you’re a parent looking for a good typing program or game for your kids, look no further than our list above. These are the top 10 games that will get your kids typing a storm in no time.

10 Best Typing Training Games for Kids

1. Dance Mat Typing (Developed by BBC)

A fan favorite, Dance Mat Typing is a great program for those who’d like to learn the skill of touch typing. It is a 12 stage program that is friendly for all ages. Due to charming characters and compelling obstacles, Dance Mat Typing is one of the best games on the market. It starts kids off slowly, teaching techniques and correct positioning, and then progress to more challenging tasks as they pass levels. Not only that, but the game rewards children and gives them the option to print a certification when they pass a stage. With the help of some furry-friends, your kids will be on their way to an exhilarating-typing journey.

Click here to play Dance Mat

2.Keyboard Climber 2

keyboard climber 2

This game is great for kids who have just learned the alphabet, there’s not a timer so it allows kids to set their own speed. The storyline is about a money who is stuck in a cave. Players jump rocks to help him by hitting the key that appears on screen, but if they get a letter wrong the level restarts.

Click here to play KEYBOARD CLIMBER 2!

3.The Typing of the Ghosts

typing ghosts

If you haven’t guessed from the title, this game may be more suited for older kids. The goal of the game is to type a word as quickly as possible before the ghosts in the background touch you. If your child is looking to type faster, this may just be the game for them.

Click here to play THE TYPING OF THE GHOSTS



It’s Pac-Man – but with typing! This program takes the classic arcade game and creates an innovative concept where you navigate the character by pushing the letters that correspond to the direction you’d like to go. Fun for both the parent and the child!

Click here to play KEY-MAN

5.Key Seeker


This game is targeted to parents with kindergarteners or younger who are being introduced to the alphabet. It’s basically a matching game for your child, but the catch is a letter will be color coded as green or purple (left and right) and the challenge is to hit the key with that hand.

Click here to play KEY SEEKER!

6.Alpha Munchies

If you’re ready to kick it old school, Alpha Munchies is similar to Space Invaders. You have to hit space aliens before they hit you and you hit them by – you guessed it, typing in the correct letter that is above them. This game is designed for kids in elementary school, so if you’re looking for an after school activate where your child also gets to learn, this is it. Just put the level of difficulty and you’re on your way!

Click here to play ALPHA MUNCHIES


Type-a-BalloonSimple but effective, pop balloons before they get away. This game is perfect for all ages. Your kids will have to type the exact letter that is on a balloon before it hits the atmosphere and they lose one of their five lives. We do warn you that typing a wrong letter will lose you points, but other than that, even parents have fun while playing this one.

Click here to play TYPE-A-BALLOON

8.Typing Ninja

Typing NinjaReferencing yet another game, Typing Ninja is somewhat like Fruit Ninja, but you slice your way through each letter. There are multiple difficulty levels so this one is safe for children of all ages. This is both fun and great for the short-run, just be careful not to hit any of the bombs being thrown your way, you only get three lives so use them wisely!

Click here to play TYPING NINJA!

9.Type Type Revolution

type type revolutionMuch like Dance Dance Revolution, the strategy of this game is all about hitting the right key at the right time. Kids can select a song to type to and get working! This game is sure to get your hands moving, but again, because this game is heavily focused on timely and recognition skills we would recommend it for older children who are focused on improving their speed.

Click here to play TYPE TYPE REVOLUTION

10.Typing Chef

TypingChefTyping chef is a player game where you are a student working under a master chef. You start in entry level jobs and work your way up by typing words before they reach the top of the screen. This is a good game for those looking at measuring quickness and time. In this game, you only get a handful of lives. Seriously you only get five lives, so this is definitely a game that is best suited for older kids who already have typing experience.

Click here to play TYPING CHEF!

20 Best Typing Practice Games for Adults

11. QWERTY Warriors World
crazy monkey

This game is programmed to enable you to destroy all the virtual enemies approaching you by typing the letters on your keyboard. It helps the child to learn to spell because when he spells a word correctly and presses ‘enter’, automatically a virtual enemy is destroyed. Additionally, as you play the ‘QWERTY warriors’ world’, it will increase your typing speed and efficiency.

Click Here to Play

12. Ninja Hunter
ninja hunter

In this game, there are good ninjas and bad ones. However, the child is using the keys on his keyboard to direct and control a good ninja safeguarding the temple of the goddess of the wind from being attacked by wicked ninjas. Playing this game helps the child to increase his typing speed as he tries to destroy the bad ninjas as fast as he could.

Click Here to Play

13. Bitter Boss
bitter boss

Bitter boss is a game that exposes the kids on how to manage multiple tasks at the same time, either at home or office by typing the keys faster to prevent the green color from filling up and occupying the empty bar.

Click Here to Play

14. Typing of the Living Dead
typing of the living dead

This game, which was exclusively designed for boys, introduces the child to the concept of a world with weird creatures like zombies instead of healthy living people. These people were infected by the virus in a hospital after an accident and became the walking dead. In this game, the player acting like a soldier armed to kill the living dead (zombies) and recover the healing drug in order to prevent the virus from spreading to others.

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15. Type Rocket 60
type rocket

This is an interesting game programmed to help the child master typing the 26 letters of the alphabet on his keyboard. The letters programmed to appear as rockets on the screen are ignited as he types on them and they explode like fireworks. It looks quite interesting and fascinating to play. Try it now.

Click Here to Play

16. Desert Typing Racer
Desert Typing Racer

This typing game offers you an opportunity to embark on a virtual journey on highways at great speeds. You can even hop over other cars on your route as you type the letters.

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17. Meteor Typing Blast
Meteor Typing Blast

You can use your typing skills to protect your spaceship and avert the advent and attack of flying meteors and UFOs. They are targeting your space vehicle. However, you can stop them by typing some simple keys on your keyboard.

Click Here to Play

18. Spacebar Invaders
Spacebar Invaders

Some letters are arranged under the weird creatures emerging from the space but by typing some keys on your keyboard, you can virtually prevent these beings from getting down to the bottom of the game.

Click Here to Play

19. Save the Sailboat Race

Save the Sailboat Race

In this game, letters dropping down on the boats are hindering the sailboat race; you can prevent them by typing the letters.

Click Here to Play

20. Outerspace Fleet Commander

Outerspace Fleet Commander

Typing the letters will help you to protect and guide the strange fleet moving through the stars.

Click Here to Play

21. Martian City Defender
Martian City Defender

You can save the small green aliens by typing the letters on your keyboard because some laser beams are trying to destroy the Martian colony. It is the duty of the player to defend the colony.

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22. Keyboard Revolution
Keyboard Revolution

This game is a combination of several tunes playing while the child is typing the characters on the keyboard.

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23. The Frogs are Off Their Diet
The Frogs are Off Their Diet

In this game, the frogs are consuming the letters; the child can only stop them by pressing the keys as fast as he could before these hungry creatures gulp them down.

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24. Keyboard Triathlon
Keyboard Triathlon

Keyboard triathlon is necessary to test your knowledge and skills in using the keyboard.

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25. Trick or Type
Trick or Type

Words are falling from the sky and the ghosts are hungry, you can feed them by typing the letters.

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26. Cup Stacking
cup stacking

This game involves an arrangement of different cups with the inscription of alphabets on them. Your kids will be able to identify the alphabets on the keyboard and type them accordingly.

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27. Typing Practice (Animals)
speedy speller

Do your children know the animals by names and shapes? As the animals appear with the letters of the alphabets written on them, the kids will try to identify them by playing the game and typing on them. It helps to improve their typing speed, as well.

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28. Typing Adventure (Level 1)
typing adventure

As your child begins to play this game, he will definitely embark on a virtual journey on the computer and that will give him much pleasure and fun. This game helps to teach the children how to place the hand and wrist, finger typing, and the focus are primarily on the home row keys.

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29. Typing Practice (Colors)
speedy speller

Playing this game will help your child to know the colors as they learn and practice typing at the same time. This is a necessary game in teaching the kids how to type fast using the keyboard, that is, speed typing.

Click Here to Play

30. Typing Adventure (Level 2)
Typing Adventure 2

This game is for level 2 kids, as they learn typing skills by taking a virtual journey on the computer. It helps to improve their aptitude and dexterity respectively, as they learn finger typing on the home row keys, and hand and wrist positioning on the keyboard, too.

Click Here to Play

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